Love Letter #1


What I don’t get is why I should be beholden by my love for you when that very love is not my doing or at my accord. As if this was not bad enough now I have also burdened you with this love that you neither asked for nor aroused. We are both caught in a situation that is not of our doing. This thing of love is an inconsiderate imposition. Did it perhaps consider that you might be interested in someone else? Or that we might exist on different social, economic, and even physical planes? This love thing demands of us to trespass all sense for only its sake. In can’t be correct!

I am inclined to believe what we usually (erroneously) call lovers are in fact comrades in the struggle against love – a common oppressor. These people having realised that they were in the same boat get together and form an alliance to fight their oppression. The cowardly amongst these learn to live, survive and thrive under this oppression and as a result remain in that unholy alliance till death does them part. The brave amongst them only participate in the charade of love to prove it exactly that. They delegitimise love from the inside and break free of its chains. The smart ones know and understand the mantra “don’t set me free and leave me all alone.” As thus even though they comprehensively do away with the unholy alliance, they institute some sort of a Council for the Defence of the Revolution. Known to the lay man as friendship. Not all are so lucky though, some after the initial victory think all that needed to be done is done, only to suffer counter-revolution in the hands of love. Nothing is as strong as comeback of a once defeated oppressor. Sometimes it so happens that during the course of the struggle against love one party forgets that it is a struggle for freedom and develops Stockholm Syndrome – the consequence being that when one party is ready to break free, the other tries to hold them back, bringing untold miseries. A case of your comrade turning into your captor. I pity those who suffer from compradors. The super smart, the anarchists, refuse to have any dalliance with love and reject it outright with the contempt it deserves.

Now that I have already burdened you with my love, taking cognisance of the above possibilities, we need to chart our way forward. What is to be done?

Now the pre-supposition (which also happens to be my deep seated desire) upon which my entire letter rests is that you are also in love with me. Or at least are inclined in that direction (I will take anything really). If this is proven false then please be kind enough to read this letter as nothing but intellectual and literary acrobatics, and have a good laugh on its account.

Assuming that we have a common oppressor, I suggest (and hope you will acquiesce to my wisdom) that we move forward in this manner. First, we must accept, diagnose and define our misfortune. That is, we must declare our love to each other, how deep it runs, embrace each other and shed a tear of joy in finding a soul mate…uhm, I mean comrade. Then we must make it known to the world, release some form of founding manifesto, detailing our struggle and commitment. Through social media and the likes we can keep the world informed on progress and our unshakeable commitment to each other. A smiley face with little hearts for eyes next to a picture of one’s comrade goes a long way in this regard. A bit further along the way we can formalise our struggle and publicise some sort of an election manifesto where we detail our promises to each other. What to lay man is known as vows. This formality is optional however; we don’t always have to go this bourgeois route to achieve the aims of our struggle. But it is my suggestion that we do. Another suggestion I make, also optional, is that to fortify our ranks, we produce young pioneers of the revolution, whom we shall groom and train to be fully fledged and loyal combatants of our struggle. If my suggestion is taken up, I see no reason why we would not triumph over love.

Sincerely Yours,



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