Love Letter #2

It is my considered view that I love you. 

You ought to overstand that I am a slave of reason. And his buddy sense. So after careful inspection. And due consultation with them. A fair conclusion was arrived at.
I led the evidence that I panic in your absence, I rejoice in your presence, I find peace in the fact that you exist. Your smile; makes life worthwhile. Your voice; reverberates through my soul. Your laughter; dances around the fires it sets in my heart.


In closing arguments, I put it to the commission that I love you. Reason countered that you’re human. And I had previously stated love is wasted on humans. I offered that you were immune. That you were music, poetry, laughter and all things beautiful wrapped in flesh. Sense asked for a concrete reason for the immunity. I again pleaded that I loved you. Sense was dumbfounded. I clarified: the effect is the cause and the cause is the effect – you’re immune because I love you, and I love you because you’re immune.
After brief deliberations, Reason delivered the majority verdict (2-0). It stated that, in isolation, my heart palpitations at the thought of you could be mere infatuation; that it could be mere lust that my skin craves for your touch – but the commission was swayed by the pardon for the crime of being human. Reason knew only one name for this kind of immunity: love. 
So when all was considered, my view was formed.
Yours Forever,


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