The Dream

It came as if a gush of wind; fast, unnerving, unpredictable. Worse still, an enigma. It washed over them as quickly as they were aware of it. ‘Hello, bye!’ was its motif. As soon as they got acquainted with it it was gone. Gone like the wind – to abuse the metaphor. ‘Was that?’ They asked each other, perplexed. ‘No it couldn’t have been,’ they protested, disavowed what they thought they had just experienced. ‘But if it were…’ they ruminated. ‘Would that then mean…?” Postulations upon postulations. They were heading down a rabbit hole and they knew it. ‘No it couldn’t have been.’ Protests mounted. ‘It wouldn’t end just like that would it? If it was?’ Protests justified. Clearly it was never about whether or not it happened, the said protest. But rather about its…intensity? Surely, this thing that was meant to be a paradigm shifter could not just…just…just dissipate like that before they had even the slightest chance to acquaint themselves with it. Especially not after they had waited so long, prepared so thoroughly. ‘That wasn’t it.’ They concluded. ‘Let’s wait a while longer.’ The vigil continued. ‘It will come soon.’

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