Waar Is Hy?

As he approached his house he saw a young man sneaking out with what looked to be his laptop bag. “He wena!” He shouted, “jou fucken moer!” The young man made a run for it, he immediately started chasing. And was closing in quickly. The heavy bag on the young man’s back was compromising his speed, so he dropped it and gained some momentum. Also hoping that it would bring an immediate end to the chase. But it only intensified. Which greatly disturbed the young man, compromising his speed yet again.

He was closing in and as he did the profanities worsened. Each time he cursed he felt a surge of energy in his feet, they became lighter and hardly touched the ground.

The young man noticing that his escape was greatly compromised, stopped, turned back and begged for mercy. He was met with a lunging fist; it only caught the air but the rest of the body landed on him. The two bodies landed on the flooor with a thud. The predator landed in a favourable position on top of his prey. He grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and pulled him up with him.

Before the young man could apologise he was silenced by the most startling of questions: “where’s the white man that sent you?”. The question was repeated three times with mounting rage to match the young man’s deepening confusion. “I said where the fuck is the white man that sent you!?” He was frothing at the mouth, his eyes reddening at an alarming pace.

“No…” The young man stuttered, “no one one sent m…”
“Where is he!?” He was interrupted. The poor soul did not know how to respond to what he deemed an absurd question. So in the stead he tried explaining his actions: “I was hungry and…”
“Where is he!?” Again he was interrupted.
“Huh?” was the only legible response he could fathom.
“Where is the white man that took your food?”

The young man sobbed. His assailant sobbed. They fell to the ground. The man kept asking, “where is he!? He was now strangling the young man, unawares. The sobbing went on until it was one sided. Breath having escaped the young man’s body. Lying on his dead body, sobbing endlessly, he kept asking, begging rather: "tell me where is the white man that stole my stuff?”

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